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How to find $\langle X|\hat{a}^\dagger \hat{a} X\rangle$ given $|X\rangle = \hat{a}^\dagger|0


Amazon Drone Swarm – lionhearted

I think the potential here is for an anti-drone tech. Like if they saw that a
drone was flying outside their house and came up with some kind of system to
detect the drone, and then either shot it or made it go away somehow.

I’m thinking of Amazon death angels.

In relation to the topic at hand, I’m curious about this tech:

Anyone know any more details?


How do I get any integer between two integers?

How would I get any integer between 2 integers in a function in Haskell?


What’s called the greatest common divisor of a and b is the largest positive integer x such that (a x) and (b x) are both divisible by x.
It seems to me that this is very powerful way to do what you want, but will be much easier to understand as an example than to explain.
import Data.Function (on)

unaryGreatestCommonDivisor :: Num a => a -> a -> a
unaryGreatestCommonDivisor x y =
let divisor = gcd x y
in on (y, divisor) (\_ -> 0)

In short, it takes two numbers and finds their greatest common divisor. We then pick out the first number, and use it to divide the second (multiplied by the greatest common divisor).

3.3±3.6 4.5±4.2 1.8±1.2 1.5±1.4

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