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How to set HTTP Request headers in jmeter

I am new in the Jmeter scripting world. I have a request I need to make to verify a JSON payload. The request body (the body) is the following:

The request body is being added as a parameter. But I need to add some custom headers (for eg. Content-Type).
I was searching for this in the documentation but did not find anything.


According to this post you can do it using.createHeader() function

To set a header to a JMeter sampler, use.createHeader().

If you want to add some custom headers you can use.setHeader() function.
It will add content to a specific HTTP header. If you need to add multiple headers you can use.setHeaders() method

Additionally, you can use __fileToString() function to get json string representation of your
In your case you can use

${__fileToString(your_request_json_value.txt, “${encoding}”)}

Be aware of setting __fileToString() from your own BeanShell PreProcessor, otherwise you need to explicitly use __fileToString(…) as a reference variable name.

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After i finished my college graduation in engineering in israel i am moving to Belgium. I was using 3 computers at home atm one iBook and a dell xps 15 which i had installed the full version of adobe creative suite 5.5 into. The last computer i had was a macbook pro my activation is valid but i could not install it into the macbook. Is it possible to have the 3 computers acustomed to my keygens and activations.


If you have the registered version you can’t run it as a trial, you must have the serial to be activated.
But if you have got a trial, don’t forget to register it to activate.
You must have the serial to use the product and not have any more serial numbers.
After you register, if you don’t have the serial and you try to activate it, it will show an error to inform you of that.

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