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Good game with some entertaining puzzles, but it just doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor about it. The game has a protagonist named Isaac (voiced by Jack Black) who is a mechanic and who happens to have built a flying car. The story begins when he attempts to get to a spaceship to seek out help for his sick little brother. The boy is found by a scientist named Walter (Bill Hader). Walter tries to help Isaac’s brother, but Walter himself gets sick from the serum, which causes him to go crazy. Isaac and the scientist must then team up with the enemy character — a teenage robot named Edward who is the son of the CEO of a rival company — in order to save the little kid.

The game is pretty straightforward and fun. You only have two options at the beginning, and are able to pick either of them. One is to fly to the spaceship, and the other is to go to town and have a picnic. Isaac is able to fly, and he is able to go up and down along a path in the sky. The controls are fluid and simple, and you can enjoy the ride.

The story is really dark at first. It is pretty grim, but after the first couple of levels, the writing improves quite a bit. Isaac is just a normal guy who is caught in a bad situation. The game has a lot of potential that is lacking in the story. There is a lot of potential for a third option — to take over the world, as it were — but it is never properly explored.

The game is a bit repetitive. Every mission is pretty much the same, except that there are some tweaks here and there. For example, it is now dark, and so you will need some light to see things. The game does not offer any form of puzzles, as you just fly from one point to the next. It becomes a bit of a time waster if you are not careful.

The game is fairly lengthy — about 10 hours long — and that is quite a bit of time to waste. It would have been nice if a few more missions were added, or at least a few more story elements were introduced, because the game is very bleak. It is not until after the second or third mission that Isaac is able to fly the ship, and it becomes clear that his ability is a key element of the game. By the time that Isaac can control his ship, it is


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Warning : This app modifies game data so you may lose your game progress.

The application requires root access. To use the application, you must be 18 years of age or older. The client does not offer redeeming the game credits. Game credits can be obtained from the game client, the Webmaster portal, or the Roblox mobile app.​

Developer : cocomusic

Rating : 4.6 / 5 with 12 installs

Version : 2.10.1 (13 Jan 2019)

Latest Update : 1 hr ago

Size : 12.02.04MB

Latest Version : v2.10.1 (13 Jan 2019)

Requires :4.1 and up

The Application

This application allows players to play with an unlimited amount of virtual currency. The currency is acquired during gameplay and it is separate from what you obtain from the game client, purchase with real money, or earn through achievements.

The difference between unlimited robux and unlimited money is that money can be earned continuously during game play unlike robux which can only be earned a certain amount of times during game play.

All of this is possible because the program is a hacking application. This means it alters the game client files and forces the game to use its own system of virtual currency rather than the real money system.

We can’t say we are going to provide you with the same game experience because the game is still running using the real money system.

Game Credits

Unlimited Robux can be obtained through game credits. Credits are earned when users complete a game level and have been sent to your account. Because there are no game credits in this version it must be downloaded again.

NOTE: Credits can be redeemed by going to the credits section. Game credits are redeemed in game credits.

Visit the webmaster portal and use the webbrowser browser to visit the ‘Credits’ page and download credits. Players must visit the credits section of the game client to acquire credits.

All information about the webmaster portal is hidden from players so it can’t be found within the game client or robux developer version.

All credit codes must be received within 24 hours after purchase for the credits to be delivered and they expire 24 hours after receipt.

No prizes or instant credit delivery will be given. A balance must be made in game credits before any credits can be


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