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SXA Search Issue: Branded Search Results — Pages Not Showing Up in Branded Search Results

I’m running Sitecore 8.1 and SXA 1.7.
I’m running a brand search using the SXA default “Search for pages” (brands.aspx).
It is only search for the Home page, but shows results from other pages in the sitecore tree.
This makes me think that the search index isn’t being properly reset for the brands search.
Just to be clear.
I want “pages” to return only the homepage.
When I run a search for “home” (search for the homepage) it returns the homepage
When I run a search for “sitecore” (brand search) it returns content from other pages in the sitecore tree.


I found the issue was that I was still searching the hostname.
The Search Query is resetting for the Brand Search every time a user starts a new search.
To fix this, I added the “HostName” to the query string and it works now.
My code:
var queryBuilder = modelBuilder.Current;
var query = from x in QueryBuilder.GetQuery()
where x.FieldName.ToLower() == “hostname” && x.Querystring.ToLower() == q.ToLower()
select x;


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