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Conference Room

The Conference Room is a 26-level hotel in the Mass Transit mall that is supervised by the Chef. It is the only room in the mall without any video and audio security cameras and features a slightly curved ceiling. The room is where Lois meets Tim and the kids when they are in the Mass Transit mall without their fingerprints.

The room features a camera, which is shared with the other two rooms, and only able to be used by cameras in those rooms. During a fight scene, the child actors wearing the security guard costumes avoid taking pictures of the fight, but the real security guards later appear when the fight is over to take photos of the children. In one instance, after Bert tries to steal the children, the real security guards take his photo.


The two bathrooms outside the conference room are also named after the room, and are similar in design and size.

The cameras in the Conference Room and the bathrooms can be damaged by a hack.

The Room is nicknamed “Annette’s Room”, presumably in reference to Annette Bening’s role in Steven Spielberg’s film Minority Report.

There are no variations of the room (key, serial, or combination), implying that the executives are unable to assign rooms to their children for their visits. It is possible that all executives have the children stay in the Plaza Building.

The door to the conference room has “NXX-XXX-XXXX” on the glass instead of the corresponding room number of “RRR-SSS-FFFF” on the door. This could be a simple error or possibly a reference to a real door number.

The characters of Team Rocket that appear in the opening of episode 12 can be seen in the background of the conference room. This is the same group that was first seen in New Bark Town.

The door of the Conference Room has similar design to the door of the hotel’s ballroom.

The Conference Room is mentioned by character designer Shuki Levy in a video interview for the animated series.

Currently, there is no canon explanation for why the room is called “The Conference Room”.

The Conference Room is located on Level 26 of the hotel.


Conference Room on the Mass Transit mall

Conference Room from the outside

Conference Room door

Conference Room as seen in the series

Conference Room from the inside

Conference Room from the outside



Easycafe crack serial 61

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