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Finally got to figure it out. I had to migrate /home to a new hard drive (It was on a dying drive). After I did that, it now had both sets of personal files in the right places and everything was working normally.


How to configure a spring controller to receive JSON input without specifying Content-Type

We have an application that uses spring 3.0.5 and hibernate. The login page is a restful service that has this line in the web.xml:


The login form passes JSON to the login controller as:

The login controller requires a username and password. If the username and password are correct, a client side bean with the username and password is serialized as JSON and then sent to the login controller using something like:


The login controller then fails to deserialize this JSON object that was sent from the client side and becomes stuck on a nill state. It never gets to the internal logic to do the actual login (it is a stateless controller) so I need to figure out how to configure the spring controller so that it can accept JSON of the form that the client side component sends it.
When I change the hibernate xml config to include


The controller deserializes the JSON object and handles it just fine but that is not the correct configuration to use when the login screen is rendered by our front-end application. I’d prefer not to rely on code in the front-end to get the data into the right format. Is there a way to configure the Spring M


EdrawSoft EDraw Max 9.1 – SeuPirate

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Download EdrawSoft EDraw Max 9.1 – SeuPirate

While the software tool is often employed to produce a topographical map or a photographic map, the tool is also utilized to produce a map of the property with certain information.

A property map is a map which is created by simply taking the map and geotagging the images, or alternatively, these are often created by taking a photograph of the map and adding a geotagging later on, or adding the map to the photograph.

Unlike a satellite or aerial photograph, it is possible to see the exact history of the area of the map you have chosen.

The property map can be utilized in a number of methods and can be used for many things, from showing the history of the property in a special manner to the history of its occupation, in all cases this is a very useful tool.

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To pursue the dialectic we can apply old or new Maxims of Order by attacking the beautiful Figure of Paradoxes as a Dialectic of the Relativist, or as a fixed Truth; as an opposing Antithesis to the Idealism of the Mind, as a disjointed Imperfection to the Perfection of the State, or as a simulated Eternity, to set of the contingent Existence of the Real.

But the author of “Life of Thomas Carlyle” does not intend “to cast out the Muse of Poetry” from her palace; and I shall have the happiness in the second part of my book to occupy myself in another manner, and not to wield the poniard of the Dissolution of a System of Philosophy, but to use my pen for the benefit of Religion and Morality.

A mere travesty of a system of philosophy; an exaggerated alteration of ancient systems, in order to keep those who were versed in them from thinking for themselves; a disgusting display of antitheses, constructed in a desperate struggle


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