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Roblox is an online video game platform, developed by Roblox Corporation.
The platform enables users to create their own games. Users can use special scripts to create game objects and game logic. Users can control the behavior and movement of their game’s characters by writing code; character movement in Roblox is based on simplistic Newtonian physics. Roblox games may be programmed to be played both offline (using a downloaded version of the software), and online.
Unlike many other video game platforms, Roblox’s games are hosted by third-party developers (the “content creators”). Users have access to a database of pre-authored assets that the system uses to create their games. These assets include characters, creatures, buildings, vehicles, weapons, weapons accessories, and other objects. There is also an in-game currency, known as Robux, that users can use to purchase customization options for their characters and objects, such as the ability to be blue or red. Robux can also be earned by completing achievements and by having their games play or viewed by others, although only a relatively small amount is needed to purchase customizable items.
Roblox was first released in June 2006, but was later re-released in August 2008. Since then, Roblox has been continuously updated and modified by the developer; this design allows for ongoing support for the platform. This strategy has been a success: Roblox is the most-used digital game platform in the world, with over 168 million monthly active users, of which 158 million are estimated to be children. There are over 8.1 billion messages, about 6.3 billion video views, over 3.7 billion live stream views, and over 50 million school visits per month.
Underlying Philosophy
Roblox was founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in the United States in June 2004, with the intention of creating a platform for users to create and share their own video games, and a business model that would allow those who create the most popular games to monetize their work. Since its development, Roblox has presented itself as a “scratch” of sorts for children, for whom Roblox presents a relatively simple, low-risk medium for them to create games. Conversely, the developers of Roblox stated that the platform is intended for children, and is not intended to encourage children to become developers of their own video games. Roblox intended to support the creation of games that are intended to have a certain target


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published:15 Aug 2017


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Head to the Google Play Store for your device to download. Then click install on the App Store for your iOS device.

Open your game and then proceed to the options menu. Scroll down and tap on the “edit info” link. Next, go ahead and tap on “advanced settings”. Scroll to the end and then tap on “international settings”.

Then scroll down and make sure you have ticked the “Allow international purchase” option.

Now you are ready to play! Just start the game and login to your Roblox account to unlock your inventory.

Click play or press the “X” button on your device. Select “My Xbox” from the menu. Next, click on “Add games” on the sidebar. Next, click on “Xbox Game” on the drop-down list.

Then, click on “Add a Game” on the sidebar. A window will appear on your device that asks you to enter the game title and select the available region.

Enter your own game name and tap on “Choose a region”. Then select the region for your game.

Click on the drop-down menu on your account page. Click on “Favorites” and then select “My Games”.

Now, you should see all the games you purchased over time. Click on the game you wish to play and then click on “Play” on the drop-down menu.

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