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Starburst is an open source project to publish online multiplayer games to work with fullscreen and windowed mode. If you would like to help with this project or to contribute, please visit the Starburst website.Effect of a five-minute warm-up on motor function in the dynamic seated stand-up test.
Hypothesis: A 5-min warm-up would improve the performance of older adults in the Dynamic Seated Stand-up (D-SU) test. Background: The D-SU test is used for measuring the ability to sit and stand up from a chair during which the lower limbs are passively moved (by a physiotherapist) and the performance is measured. The test is useful to evaluate functional mobility in older adults, people with decreased lower limb strength and people with musculoskeletal disorders. Design: Randomized controlled crossover design. Setting: Rehabilitation laboratory. Participants: 40 healthy, community-dwelling older adults aged 65-80 years participated in this study. Intervention: Five-minute warm-up composed of joint mobility (quadriceps and hamstrings stretching), sitting in an upright position and walking for 15 s on a treadmill with the speed set to 0.6 ms(-1). Main outcome measures: The D-SU test was performed by participants prior to and following a 5-min warm-up. Results: Compared with the pre-warm-up performance, the peak force, peak power and maximum torque decreased significantly (p #define FRACTION_ONE 0x0365
#define FRACTION_TEN 0x0366
#define FRACTION_HUNDRED 0x0367
#define FRACTION_MILLION 0x0368
#define FRACTION_BILLION 0x0369
#define FRACTION_YEAR 0x036B
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p. 91, 2011. Hide and Seek – Survival Games/Crafting Game (Minecraft .cytidine, a nucleoside analog, was one of the first few chemotherapeutic drugs for human leukemia \[[@CR12]\]. Two meta-analyses have shown that high-dose cytarabine (HiDAC) prior to allo-SCT is an effective conditioning regimen for AML and MDS \[[@CR13], [@CR14]\]. In our study, all recipients received a HiDAC-based conditioning regimen; however, no differences in the CR rates or the LFS and OS rates between the two cohorts were observed, which might have been associated with a relatively low CR rate of 57.4% in the standard-dose cytarabine cohort (Table [2](#Tab2){ref-type=”table”}). Additionally, because allogeneic stem cells in the patients given standard-dose cytarabine had been harvested from an HLA-compatible donor, we may have potentially subjected these patients to more HLA-restricted complications and a higher risk of graft failure than patients receiving unrelated bone marrow transplants (BMTs), although no clear evidence of this effect was observed in previous studies \[[@CR15], [@CR16]\]. We have confirmed that the use of standard-dose cytarabine is thus associated with a significant toxicity. This effect, however, should not obscure the positive results of our study.

In recent years, immunotherapy-based conditioning regimens have been increasingly investigated for AML and MDS because these regimens appear to have significantly decreased the engraftment time and increased the relapse rate compared with conventional conditioning regimens \[[@CR17], [@CR18]\]. For AML, several studies have reported that a low-dose of fludarabine, 5-azacitidine, or busulfan combined with antithymocyte globulin (ATG) followed by allo-SCT produced encouraging results, while the effect of low-dose cytarabine combined with ATG has been controversial \[[@CR19]–[@CR22]\]. For MDS, whereas a series of studies have shown the feasibility and significant effectiveness of HiDAC plus ATG in conditioning regimens \[[@CR23]\], other reports have suggested the absence of significant differences in the CR rate, the relapse rate, and

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