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For all versions of Digitech’s FOH3000 Touchmix, see the FOH3000 Support Center.


Access is a flexible personal assistance service with several choices of individual and group plans, including a day-at-a-time, at-a-time, and on-call services.


The FOH3000 uses one or two touchscreens, separate computer-based signal processing and mixing consoles, and a multipurpose digital mixer that employs the latest digital technology.

The FOH3000 allows engineers to mix the stage, monitor and playback audio (with no room volume mixing limitations), meaning the FOH3000 offers the ideal mix for touring professionals.

Perfect for live sound and video mixing applications, the FOH3000 can easily be integrated into existing touring rigs. By using one or two touchscreens, FOH3000 engineers have the flexibility to mix from any seat or monitor location.


The FOH3000 Touchmix was designed to simplify all elements of a live sound environment. Stage, monitor and playback mix can now be performed on one touchscreen using FOU, while FOH functions are performed on a separate touchscreen or computer.

External connectors can be used to plug any FOH3000 monitor into another FOH3000 monitor or FOH3000 touchmix. This allows the FOH3000 to be used with any venue or rig.

The FOH3000 features six knobs on the front panel, allowing FOH engineers to create flexible, intuitive mixing configurations. The FOH3000 monitors mix with room-based attenuations allowing FOH engineers to intelligently set volume for the stage and the monitors. The FOH3000 also has a HD video mix. All FOH3000 audio levels can be manipulated on the FOH3000 monitors and touchscreen independently. FOH3000 monitors can be mixed with FOH3000 FOH functionality or FOH3000 stereo monitors. FOH3000 monitors can be set to invert the channel in their mix, a function that is helpful when mixing FOH3000 with FOH3000 monitors.

All FOH3000 audio signals are available on FOH3000 HD video, which can be previewed on both the FOH3000 FOH3000 monitors and

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