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Model Fever Girls Cindy Und Jenny.rarl

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Higgins is one of only a handful of photographers whose work has ever received a major museum show in: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre, Venice and Paris. She is also a member of the. American Academy of Arts. The dust jacket of Higgins’ book, a portfolio of approximately 80 photographs.
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Models Fever Girls Cindy Und Jenny.rarl
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Half-sisters went on the run

Staff Writer

More than two months ago. during a phone conversation, Carla Reyngoldnː about age ten and a half at the time- made a disturbing observation to her half- sister, Janice Kolack.

“You know,” Reyngoldn said, “they’re going to make a movie about you and me.”

“Who,” Kolack asked, “are they going to make it about.”

“That’s the point. They’re going to make a movie and use my part for acting.”

Reyngold and Kolack have since become half-sisters, and last weekend a half- sister’s day was celebrated by their half- brother-in-law, Gary Janos.

The event was hosted by Janos’ mother, Davida Janos, at his parents’ home in North Smithfield. Family members gathered on Sat- urday, July 7, to celebrate not only Reyngoldn’s and Kolack’s birthdays, but also to raise money for the upcoming Make a Movie About Me and You.

The ceremony was open to the public, including media and family members, and included a picnic spread after the ceremony.

“It was her idea,” said Davida Janos

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