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what to do with this file? I don’t want to send this file, who will convert it if you?


It’s not corrupted, it’s a self-extracting executable file. It contains the compressed program, not the actual data (in this case, the program is listed as MEDIC.EXE).
You can’t just open it because it won’t install. You will need to extract it manually.
The RAR file extension is just a convention, and not required. It could have been file instead.
How to manually extract a self-extracting executable file?

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Re: Bipolar Disorder

…understanding that Obama has bipolar disorder. I’m not convinced he is not; I’m convinced he IS. Bipolar disorder is a disease, and in this case we have several symptoms that support the diagnosis.

I said “bipolar disorder.” You said “bipolar”, and I think that might be more than you understand.

And it certainly is a disease, and it is against my better judgment and morals to give out such information, but since you asked, I’ll explain.

I am not convinced Obama has a diagnosable disorder. I am convinced that he does have some diagnosable disorder, but I am not in a position to fully define which one it is. I don’t like labeling people, and when I do it, I try not to do it in the least bit of disservice or injury. I did not write that Obama has bipolar disorder, nor do I think that bipolar disorder has anything to do with his current political struggles. That would be the height of insanity.

The term “bipolar disorder” is a very broad term, and used to mean a whole lot of things. To me, it’s just not true. I

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