Pulp Fiction 720p Free 79 |TOP|

Pulp Fiction 720p Free 79 |TOP|


Pulp Fiction 720p Free 79

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Using “I’m begging you not to.”

Can I use this expression instead of “I’m begging you”?
“I’m begging you not to.”


I’d suggest replacing I’m begging you with the simple Please. There is a nuance of begging you implies there is something your begging. The most common use of begging without a noun is to ask a question in a negative, for example, Are you begging for food?
The “not to” sentence is grammatical but it makes my ears twitch. You’re begging something which is by definition not to have, something which is negative. In English we tend to express what we are asking for as a positive in form.
I’d suggest:
Please don’t play that song.


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