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1. Yuuzhan Vong Vapors vs Star Wars- A true-to-life fight

As was their objective. They would stay in play. One of the old can be seen sitting on the apron. He has a gun in his hand.

The other men were in the cockpit. They had taken cover behind the glass. A circle of smoke was still rising into the air. Except for the starfighter and the X-Wing pilots.

The snow had stopped falling. There were no tracks left in it. If only to prove that the men had been there.

In the center of the airfield, there was a sphere of energy. One would have thought it was made of crystal. It was shimmering. With rays of white light shooting up and down.

As the Yuuzhan Vong warriors approached, they were also being assaulted by a holocomm link. A link that was sending the information of their attack to the far side of the galaxy.

A helmeted man with an alien visage was in the center of the picture. However, his arms were covered by a cloak. It was dark. It seemed to be made from a peculiar cloth.

A light came on in the center of the sphere. It must have been a transmitter. There was an image of a ship in it. There was a message in a few different languages. The message said that they were not alone. The message said that they had all been set free.

The holocomm link was beaming to all of them at once. Whoever was behind the attack. But more importantly, why were they actually attacking them.

What kind of prisoners were they? Where had they been? How had they gotten here?

Maybe the council would find out.

2. Shadows of the past

Colonel Ysanne Isard walked into her office. The way she carried herself now was somewhat different. She still kept her eyes lowered. But she was aware of her surroundings. She also stopped and stood before she entered the office.

The door opened. She did not appear to be startled. She was not sure of what she should do. Should she bow? Could she?

A voice came from the center of the room. She took a few steps toward it. Then she knelt down as she saw the head of the man in the room. She was

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