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customer service
how can i update my program.
to tell you the truth i don’t know all that well how to use the keygen files or the premium program.
I’m really just after help on how to.
I’m not a ‘for-profit’ company, but a private company running a business.
so in my case do you have to be a for-profit company to..
you’ll need to be more of a expert in the field.
im not sure if you can get anybody else to help you, but im sure we can all call them.
I suppose, again, your question is to find out who..
sometimes these people just charge for the products themselves, because it’s..
this program that you are after, is no longer being used or sold.
It’s been purchased and is the only copy of the program available for sale.
I’m sorry but this isn’t possible.
but actually, in the case of all the software that we re-sell, we actually give..
that program away (giftware) so that you can test it before buying it.
that way, if you actually don’t like it, you can just get rid of it without buying..
it, when we release new versions.
if you absolutely have to you can contact us.
in which case, you can provide the reference number and then we can contact..
the program owners and see if they can give you the product codes.
and then that can be handed in to us, so that we can supply the necessary..
versions/software/keys etc, but there is no guarantee of course because..
it all depends on the programs willingness to release a new version.
so yes, we can supply you with the necessary keys, but it will be the..
the program owner who will give them to you, not us.
they don’t usually give out those details, so you will have to contact them..
but as for it being used on sites other than those we listed above, there..
is a limited number of ‘digital distribution’ sites..
and as far as I know those sites do not allow sharing of programs, so there..
is no chance of other people downloading your programs, and therefore..
other people using it on their computer.
I think that’s about it for my answer to your question, I hope that..
helps, and that this answers most of your questions, or



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Ajoya Chatterjee

15 Indians Photo of the Day 25th January

Odisha and Assam are witnessing an unusual phenomenon this time during the monsoon. Wild elephants are chorusing as they travel from the plains towards the mountains of Assam and Odisha.

Ajoya Chatterjee

Odisha and Assam are witnessing an unusual phenomenon this time during the monsoon. Wild elephants are chorusing as they travel from the plains towards the mountains of Assam and Odisha.Q:

How to use Livedemo database

I have used Lovelace for testing the UI and it works good. I found that you can save the database in external.sql file. But I do not know how to connect that file to Livedemo.
If anyone knows please help.


You can place a SQL file named “connect.sql” into your data folder. This file should contain something similar to this:
USE db


USE demo

Then from the server administration section of Livedemo, go to the data folder and select the database for which you want to create the connection.


Prove that $\int_0^\pi e^{ -x} \cos(x) \, dx = \frac{1}{2}\pi e^{ -\pi}$

Prove that
$$\int_0^\pi e^{ -x} \cos(x) \, dx = \frac{1}{2}\pi e^{ -\pi}.$$

I started by factoring $\cos(x)$ using De Moivre’s formula:
$$\cos(x)=\frac{e^{ix}+e^{ -ix}}{2}=\frac{e^{ix}-e^{ -ix}+2\cos(x)}{4}=\frac{e^{ix}+e^{ -ix}-2+2\cos(x)}{4}.$$
Then I used Euler’s formula for sine, but this was of no use. Any


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