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Vce Exam FilesAmid a murky debate over state involvement in health-care reform, President Obama said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he thinks the government should help people who don’t have insurance buy it.

“I think that there are some situations where the federal government ought to be playing a role, which is why we’re putting together a plan for universal health care,” Obama said during a 60 Minutes interview to air on CBS this evening.

He also added that he wants to reform health-care system “over time” to include people who have insurance, so that everyone can get “access to quality care, and people who don’t have insurance, be able to get access.”

Obama’s comments, during a brief conversation about presidential politics and health care, come after weeks of heated debate over how much government should play a role in health-care reform.

Many Republican lawmakers, who have a seat at the table when any new public health care program is created, oppose health-care reform outright. Instead, they would let private insurance companies handle the bill.

The new Obama administration, in contrast, favors a central role for the federal government in creating and running a public insurance plan. They want to create a system in which people with insurance would have a choice of whether to pay monthly premiums to have access to a government-run plan, or to keep their existing insurance.

Obama’s comments came the same day that Massachusetts expanded its state-run insurance plan to all citizens for the first time. The new law requires all citizens to purchase health insurance, but the details of what citizens will be required to buy are still under discussion.

Obama also expressed support for a bill in Congress that would create a national health care insurance program, modeled after a program in Hawaii.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Beverly Hills), but has faced widespread criticism.

In the interview, Obama distanced himself from other Democrats who support the Waxman bill, but also called for a “comprehensive” health-care bill that includes a government plan.

“Waxman’s bill says you can’t keep your private insurance if you don’t want to. But there’s not — in my view

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