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You can use any unzip tool like WinRAR or WinZip or even a third-party tool like 7-Zip, PE Explorer or WinZip. Check out our manual below.It may sound odd, but the limited comic book universe isn’t killing the medium. Quite the opposite, in fact. By expanding the universe, and expanding on the possibilities of what graphic novels can do, Batman Beyond and All Star Superman have already reshaped the landscape of superhero storytelling.

A lot has been written about the upcoming film Justice League, but let’s not forget that DC has been fanboy-awesome in the past with its New 52. DC’s most recent continuity-altering initiative came in January of 2011 with the relaunch of the DC Comics universe. The ostensible purpose of DC Universe Rebirth was to breathe life back into the failed New 52 (which, actually, was an attempt to address much of what readers didn’t like about the New 52), but it’s since become clear that the new line was more ambitious than a simple return to the silver age.

The world of comics has exploded in the past five years: characters have been reimagined, reimagined again, and reimagined a third time. The Justice League was only the beginning: Black Adam, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman are joined by new characters like Harley Quinn, and the Spectre, and Blue Beetle. The result of this reboot is a unified universe, where like-minded heroes share a single continuity, and thus can cross-over in ways they never could before.

It’s an inspiring landscape of hope and possibility. It’s also one that makes me question why DC hasn’t done it already. Why does every major league comic come out at the same time?

In a world where Marvel Studios could release Iron Man 3 on Christmas Day of 2012, and still make bank, DC should be able to afford the luxury of giving us the entire line-up (and trailer) of the Justice League at once. To put it bluntly, a six-issue monthly superhero comics series is ideal for cross-over storytelling. It’s an ideal because each issue is self-contained, and it’s surprising that the comic industry hasn’t caught on yet.

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Currently the best method for obtaining Python version information via the command line is to use this site and to follow its instructions. These instructions were originally described here
If you desire another method of obtaining the python version on a windows system (including python 3.x) I would suggest you have a look at python site.


To summarise, both methods are more reliable than your method, although a little convoluted:
import win32api, win32con, win32evtlog, win32event, win32file

def get_python_version():
“””Returns the python version.”””
win32api.GetSystemMetrics(win32con.SM_OSVERSIONINFOEX) # Fix for Python 3.3 and 3.4
# It returns the following: 4.5.2(0,0,213811,8)

python_version = win32api.GetVersionEx(win32api.GetProductInfo()) # Fix for Python 3.3 and 3.4
# It returns the following: (‘5.4’, ‘213811’, ‘8’)
# After the fix, win32api.GetProductInfo() returns a unicode str.
# The version number is the first character in the unicode string.

python_version = python_version[1]
python_major_version = int(python_version[0])
python_minor_version = int(python_version[1])
return (python_major_version, python_minor_version)


You need to install “System Information” from “Control Panel”, under this folder “System and Security” there should be a shortcut named “Systeminfo.exe” run it and look at the version in the window that opens.


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It is unlikely that the game has changed much since its original release in 2013 (it is, after

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